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Andrea Fischer


Painting with Pixels was originally meant to be an installation that allowed one to draw on walls without actually damaging them. It was important to make something that would not only spark an audience’s interest visually, but something that could entertain; where the viewer could actively participate in creating art.

Throughout this past year I have experimented with a variety of motion capture, face/shape recognition processes, and object-oriented coding. I felt that the best way to combine everything I learned was to develop a project that used interactive projections, where the user, not me would create the art.

As my research progressed, I found several examples of similar concepts, most notably Patricio Gonzalez’s Joy of Light. Since his work is both beautiful and complete, I felt I had to do something significantly different, yet still close to my original vision in essence.

By experimenting further I was able to create Painting with Pixels, which can best be described as a living photograph with interactive graffiti.

Art is subjective and unique to everyone, Painting with Pixels allows for an influence in a free space, where time, light and people collaborate to create unique, unrepeatable works.