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Damien Borowik


Immersion (2013), investigates our relationship to the world in an act of perception.

While Virtual Reality (VR) enables representation and simulation, a Head Mounted Display (HMD) immerses the participant in a disembodied experience. Using VR technology as a medium to convey the notions of transcendence and immanence, the participant becomes the centre of an iconic world of dualities, in a representation of the human condition. 
By investigating their surroundings, they gradually affect the world’s phenomena, and acquire new understanding of their own nature in the process.
 As the audience relates to the participant’s experience by witnessing how they affect the world, they also gain an empathic understanding of their own reality.

Damien Borowik is a French artist currently based in London. As a computational craftsperson, he looks at creative and experiential processes, where the shaping of media using specific tools informs the aesthetics of the art as experience.