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Haydn Jones


Jones is a visual artist currently engaged in research that explores the re-purposing of technologies, intangibility and obfuscation. He lives and works in London, UK.

Jones creates immersive site-specific installations that reference distributed networks and technologies, forming a practice and academic research focussed on the intersections between individuals, states, networks and learning.

In addressing the nature and contexts of dual purpose technologies, Jones seeks to question reliances upon integrated control and data systems and investigate the opportunity for malfunction or malfeasance within such systems. By circumventing overt personal political statements Jones intends to leave the viewer with an ambiguous sense as to whether his installed constructions are statements against, or a hobbyist’s attempt to reconstruct, the interplays between citizens, the state and technology. A work may be perceived as a home-made attempt to disrupt or galvanise governmental electronic mass surveillance. Another may be seen to support the cultivation of, or the deploring of multiplying electronic automata.

Current works in progress and investigations involve developing physical manifestations of ephemeral and intangible information structures; referencing surveillance, steganography and cryptography whilst aping professional architectures and infrastructures through simulacra of listening posts, dead drops and numbers stations.

There exists in his practice a recurring tension between technologies, the viewer and often an implied, but absent, protagonist who has left a construct, device or idea for the viewer to interrogate.