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Jonathan Shohet Gluzberg


“As long as time lasts, it will be a battle or a truce between the two. — How to prevent suburbia spreading over Eden (too late! it’s done) — how to prevent Eden running to a great wild wilderness”.

- D.H. Lawrence

Still Life

Moving through the city I feel the need to question whether I’m truly ever “outside”, or whether being at home truly means being “inside”.

This video installation plays on the boundaries between nature and culture, interior and exterior, presentation and representation.

The space comes to life by the presence of the active spectator. Through the motion of the physical body still image becomes moving image. Still-life and landscapes are projected into one another. 
The real and the virtual are re-examined, juxtaposed and intermixed to the point of disorientation.

Jonathan Shohet Gluzberg is multimedia artist, specializing in experimental film, animation and video projections for live performance.