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Kain Leo


Stranger in a Strange Land (2013) is an interactive 3d illustrated installation that invites the viewer to walk into Kain’s story world. This “world” is inspired by her experience of coming to live in a space very different from her own culture and “world”. At the same time, studying in a computational arts course gives her a new way of looking at this “world” and she is able to use it to create an entirely new one.

Kain Leo is a graduate in Multimedia Design from China. Interested in various kinds of stories, her present research focuses on a new storytelling mode, one different from past oral or literary traditions. By using cutting-edge technology, it extends people’s internal imagination of a story to a physical world, providing a more immersive and embodied experience. It encourages participants to change the way they read the story from ‘passive’ to ‘active’, from ‘listeners‘ to ‘storytellers’, by using their physical body to change the development of the narrative.