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Nelmarie du Preez

Nelmarie du Preez - Servo Rhythm

In the work Du Preez/Gui (2013), artist Nelmarie du Preez (b. 1985, South Africa) has established a ‘collective’ between herself and her computer (Gui), where they stand as equal actors in a performance-based artistic collaboration. This work asks how a human-computer relationship might be useful in revealing questions with regards to ‘the self’ constituted by ‘the other’ in the mapping of relation.

Together they have created a range of performances that investigate the fragilities and anxieties that manifest within seemingly symbiotic relationships. For the project entitled Loops of Relation they re-performed and re-interpreted some of the works produced by performance artist Marina Abramovic and her former partner (in life and art) Ulay with specific focus on the Relation series (1976-1980), wherein they used their bodies to explore the parameters that drive the dynamics of a symbiotic relationship. It is because of this strong emphasis on relation that du Preez has chosen to mimic Abramovic/Ulay’s work today by means of technology, in order to constitute a reflection of ‘the self’ through ‘the other’.

With a range of documented performances, the encounters and collisions between these two ‘bodies’ are presented, showcasing the fragility of relation.