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Samson Ng


Since my graduation from Central Saint Martins in 2008, I have been working professionally in the graphic design industry. Originally specialising in typography and brand design, I have been constantly expanding my domain and gained experience in a broad variety of creative platforms. My practices include publication design, illustration, bookbinding, film editing and 3D modelling. Here at Goldsmiths, University of London, I am exploring creative technologies and their application in interactive installations, product design and robotics. Over the years, my creativity has won me accolades from all over the world. Amongst them are the Adobe Design Achievement Award 2013, as well as international design awards from the US, France, Croatia, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

As a summary of my creative career, Bazeleel is an installation that showcases the whole collection of my works. It is named after the chief artisan, according to Exodus, responsible for the Tabernacle. The design is based on a printer’s drawer, signifying my background as a print designer. Each piece of work is housed within one of the compartments, forming an array of displays. Situated in the narthex chapel of St John Hatcham Church, the drawer can be seen as a place of worship. While a reliquary contains holy objects, such as the bones or pieces of clothe of a saint, Bazeleel contains objects that are most precious to myself: all the painstaking creations of my life. The drawer consists of three panels. In other words, it is a triptych. Like many devotional triptychs, it is designed to be portable. Therefore, the drawers can be folded up, carried like a suitcase, and be on display anytime.