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Steph Horak


Steph Horak is a sound and video artist who uses computation, physical computing and sculptural elements to augment her practice. This may be in the form of computer vision – using certain features of a video to generate the soundtrack, or creating acetate film roll representations of her digital films. This interplay between digital and analogue formats is what drives both her video and music practice.

Her work is centred around perception and attention, presenting works which seek to illuminate both the mundane and the beautiful in everyday environments and common experiences. Using an iPhone and a split screen lens, her latest body of work, Commutations II, is a collection of abstract films of journeys made on the London Overground between January and June 2013. The viewer is able to appreciate both the dreamlike quality of the landscape as seen through the split screen, whilst also realising at times how the illusion is created. Does understanding how the trick works mean that one can no longer be tricked?

In the same manner as the visual effect of the Necker cube, where the viewer is able to perceive two possible states out of ambiguous lines, the artist seeks to create an environment where both the mundane and the extraordinary co-exist, inviting the viewer to be pleasantly deluded and to view what is mundane or familiar with an altered perspective.

Commutations II (2013)
Video, Sound, Hacked Toy Train Projector, Photographic Lightboxes, Wood.